07/22/2011 04:04 pm ET Updated Sep 21, 2011

Weekend Agenda Muppets, Pool Parties, and Shopping in Shipping Containers

Holy squirrels it's hot! You can either use the heat as an excuse to drink mojitos and put out like a fire-truck, or you can channel all that steam a bit more...creatively. Here are some tips.

Death from Above 1979
What: The rad electro-noise-rock band is back together, and workin' it out.
Why: They sound like The Clash had a sleepover at Daft Punk's house and got frisky. Yusss...
When: Friday, 5:30 PM (buy tickets)
Where: The Williamsburg Waterfront (E. River Park, i.e. N 8th & Kent)

Opening: Dekalb Market
What: They turned an abandoned lot into a cozy hive of converted shipping containers, nesting local vendors, chefs, and artists inside.
Why: It's the perfect collaboration of dirty hipster-ism and pinstriped suit-dom. Sustainable, local, tasty bliss.
When: Every day. 11AM-5PM
Where: Corner of Flatbush and Willoughby in BK.

Tabloid @ IFC Center
What: Errol Morris' latest documentary. A beauty-queen (with the IQ of a genius) "kidnaps" her lover to save him from his brainwashed captivity by the Mormons. Wait--did you say "documentary"?
Why: Free air-conditioning. Oh, and a hilarious, spine-chilling film too.
When: Lots of times. Check out the schedule.
Where: IFC Center; 323 6th Ave.; 212-924-7771

Jim Henson's Fantastic World @ Museum of the Moving Image
What: Puppets, film projections and other artifacts from Henson's wonder-factory.
Why: Alexander McWho? Henson was also a genius of the cloth, and you don't have to wait eight million hours to see him.
When: Friday, 10:30 AM--8:00 PM; Saturday, Sunday 10:30 AM--7 PM
Where: Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35 Avenue, 718-777-6888

Gansevoort Summer Series
What: DJ's and a rooftop pool!!! It's free but there's a bouncer. First come, first served.
Why: Okay, so the promotion film suggests a high score of nouveau-douche, but it's a pool! on a roof!
When: Sunday, 3-9PM
Where: Gansevoort Park Hotel, 420 Park Ave. S.; 212-317-2900