07/23/2011 02:18 pm ET Updated Sep 22, 2011

Architect John Lautner's 100th Birthday Celebration

July 16, 2011 marked what would have been John Lautner's 100th birthday. In honor of this event, MAK CENTER and the John Lautner Foundation have organized a tour of some of the architect's most beloved Los Angeles properties. Visitors will explore the Harpel House (1956), the Jacobsen House (1947), the Schwimmer House (1982), and the Sheats/Goldstein House (1963/1989), according to MAK. MAK is known for its architectural design and preservation projects, most notably the Rudolph Schindler House, and has experience working with the properties of numerous architectural icons.

John Lautner's homes have been featured in Architectural Digest and many are the coveted homes of celebrities. The homes also prove to be wonderful locations for film sets, as Curbed LA pointed out, having been seen in "Diamonds Are Forever," "Less Than Zero," and Tom Ford's "A Single Man."

The John Lautner Foundation will be hosting a gala event at the Harpel House, Sunday at 7pm. Contact the John Lautner Foundation for tickets.

Browse images of John Lautner's architectural properties here: