07/23/2011 07:04 pm ET Updated Sep 22, 2011

Slender Loris Gets A Checkup (PHOTOS)

For humans, a medical examination is often a time of fear, frustration and embarrassment. But for a slender loris, a checkup is just another chance to look adorable.

Getty snapped some shots of two female lorises getting their first health exam at the London Zoo.

Unfortunately for lorises, their cuteness can actually be a bad thing, according to The Telegraph.

Videos of these cuddly creatures have reportedly helped increase the demand for lorises as pets. Animal poachers, taking note of the demand, smuggle the endangered animals from Southeast Asia and sell them. They often die while being transported.

Getty reports that the London Zoo is involved in conservation efforts to help save the loris.

Edge of Existence reports that their population is shrinking because of deforestation from logging and agriculture.

Click here to learn more about saving the loris and see one getting a checkup below: