07/25/2011 05:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pauly D Teams Up With Britney Spears For 'Femme Fatale' Tour

Forget spin-off reality shows or swimwear lines, when it comes to post-"Jersey Shore" success, it's all about Britney b*tch. Resident Seaside Heights DJ, Pauly D, just scored a major gig with the queen of pop -- he'll be joining Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour for six performances.

"Britney is one of my favorite performers ... It's an amazing platform to connect with my fans around the country," Pauly D told Us Magazine.

So what's Pauly D's game plan when it comes to spinning for Spears, who he considers one of the biggest influences on pop music?

"A DJ should not play the artist's songs at her concert 'cause she has to perform these songs," he told MTV. "I'm not going to be playing any Britney before she performs; maybe after. I'll let her perform, let her shine 'cause it's her night."

Spears is only the latest Hollywood high-roller to catch 'GTL' fever. Like some sort of hot tub waterborne disease (of which we're sure there are more than a few at the Shore house), over the past three seasons, Hollywoodland has become obsessed with the juice-head-loving-grenade-launching-pickle-munching bunch. From Jennifer Aniston to Leonardo DiCaprio, few A-listers have been able to evade the 'Shore' gang's infectious charisma.

Mila Kunis has proclaimed her love for Snooki's Italian driving skills, Katy Perry wears her 'GTL' love across her chest and Kristen Bell is more than a little obsessed with the tanner than tan gang.

Pauly D will kick-off his six-stint tour gig in Grand Rapids, Michigan on August 17.