07/26/2011 12:41 pm ET Updated Sep 25, 2011

Red-Light Cameras May Be Phased Out, LA Officials Vote

Los Angeles officials announced Monday that motorists can ignore red light camera citations, reports the LA Times.

The decision comes from a City Council Committee, which has recommended that the full Council end the program as soon as Sunday, according to CBS Los Angeles. The Council will vote on the issue on Wednesday.

The reason for ending the citation program is that the tickets, which can reach upward of $500, go unenforced. Patch reports that "drivers with unpaid tickets are not subjected to consequential action and judges do not enforce traffic tickets generated by a camera," which makes it difficult to justify a program that costs the city $2.7 million a year.

Yet not all agree with this conclusion. LAPD officials maintain that the cameras increase safety, citing an internal review of accident data which they presented to the Los Angeles City Council last April. The report showed that red light traffic cameras "have netted a 63% reduction in red light infractions, 18% reduction in injuries from collisions, 10% reductions in traffic collisions and 0 fatalities since its inception," according to the LAPD Blog.

The LAPD is at odds with the LA Police Commission, which last month unanimously voted to end the program, reports Police One.