07/26/2011 08:08 am ET Updated Sep 25, 2011

Screaming Severed Head Prank Seems Too Ridiculous To Work (VIDEO)

This prank may be far too elaborate and overcomplicated to ever really work without a full-scale production crew, but in the video below you can see the life scared out of some unsuspecting passers-by -- and it's pretty hilarious.

This is certainly an elaborate trick. Right off the bat we count at least five people necessary to pull it off, as well as a full-size mannequin, a hole in a sidewalk at least five feet deep, plus a large piece of plywood.

And you're still only going to get a few friends with really poor eyesight.

That said, when this one manages to work, it really seems to work.

Check out the video to see the prank in action.