07/27/2011 10:59 am ET Updated Sep 26, 2011

Do We Have A Deal Yet? College Student Presidents Band Together For Debt Deal

The message behind the site Do We Have A Deal Yet looms large: No. There is no federal debt deal yet. And more than 120 college student body presidents are speaking out to get one.

The site, championed by recent Georgetown graduate Carlos Reyes, aims to pressure Congress and President Obama to solve the debt ceiling quagmire -- and quickly. Students, recent and otherwise, are poised to be the group most effected by the debt crisis and staggering unemployment rates.

On Tuesday, President Obama participated in a conference call with the student body presidents. Reyes told HuffPost's Tyler Kingkade that the president had read their letter and thanked them for their input.

The Do We Have A Deal Yet coalition also spoke with Gene Sperling and wants to engage more leaders in the effort.

Below, read the testimonies of 13 student body presidents who signed Do We Have A Deal Yet's letter. What do you think of this cause? Weigh in below.