07/27/2011 06:53 pm ET Updated Sep 26, 2011

Pilot plucked out of Lake Huron 17 hours after crash

DETROIT (Reuters) - A pilot whose small plane went down over Lake Huron was rescued on Wednesday after spending 17 hours in the water without a life preserver, officials said.

Michael Trapp, 42, was enroute from his home in Gouverneur, New York to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin when he was forced to ditch his single-engine Cessna 150 in the lake off Huron County, Michigan around dinner time Tuesday, according to the local sheriff's department.

He was found, 17 hours later, by a passing fishing boat, which plucked him out of the water.

Trapp was then transported to the hospital and reported to be in good condition, the sheriff said.

(Writing by James B. Kelleher; Editing by Jerry Norton)