07/28/2011 08:08 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Baby Okapi Welcomed At Antwerp Zoo (VIDEO)

Get ready to do some serious awwwww-ing. A baby okapi from Antwerp Zoo in Belgium has just taken her first steps in public -- and it was caught on video.

Meet Mchawi, the newest member of the okapi family at the zoo.

Since okapis are a threatened member of the giraffe family, her birth and first steps are doubly special for her caregivers, as well as the eager observers.

Fun fact: The tongue of the okapi is long enough for it to wash its eyelids and clean its ears inside and out. It is also a blueish-grey color, much like the giraffes. But, according to the San Diego Zoo, the striped legs of an okapi make it also appear to be related to a zebra.

According to PBS Online, the okapi lives in protected rain forests in northern Zaire, but is still threatened by poaching and habitat loss from human settlement.

WATCH as the okapi takes her first steps in the open: