07/28/2011 01:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stephen Colbert Calls Out Don Lemon For Missing Patrick Rodgers 'Vampire' Story (VIDEO)

Every once in a while, Stephen Colbert likes to give a shout-out to the people who change our world for the better in a segment called "Difference Makers." This week, however, Colbert got sidetracked by his "difference maker" being an apparent vampire -- and CNN anchor Don Lemon's refusal to blow the lid off the story.

On Wednesday night's "Report," Colbert started to give props to Patrick Rodgers, the Philadelphia man who sued his bank and won, until Colbert noticed what look like fangs in Rodgers' mouth during his interview with Lemon. Startled and riled up, Colbert watched the footage with hopes that Lemon would expose Rodgers for being a vampire, but alas. Lemon ended the interview, and Colbert "left the studio" to crash Lemon's broadcast and call him out on it.

After berating Lemon on a fake CNN set and accusing him of turning Rodgers into "the Jackie Robinson of vampires," Colbert got some insight from old-school reporter Dan Rather on how to handle stories about the undead. Not surprisingly, Rather knows quite a bit.

With Rather's help, Colbert attempts to "blow the coffin lid" off the story once and for all and interview Rodgers for himself. Watch the entire hilarious thing unfold in the video below.


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