07/29/2011 04:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Drink Local: 7 Best Coffee Shops In Denver

Scottish politician Sir James Mackintosh said, "The powers of a man's mind are directly proportional to the quality of a coffee he drinks." Test his theory at these seven choice Denver coffee houses, and rediscover what quality coffee does for the mind, body and soul.

Geez Louise Coffee: This classic neighborhood coffee shop has an unconventional and warm atmosphere, serving up fine organic coffee and espressos. It offers free wi-fi, local art, a computer bar and occasional live music to boot.
4924 E. Colfax Ave.; 303-322-3833

Crema Coffee House: A coffee connoisseur's café using only the French Press or lever espresso machine, they see the brewing of the brown stuff as a craft and art form that deserves great appreciation. It's easy to agree when you taste one of their cups.
2862 Larimer; 720-235-2995

Common Grounds Coffeehouse: This original location of Common Grounds in West Highland has been serving up incredible coffee and tea since 1992 -- long before cafés became the new cool. A long menu of wine, beer and sandwiches is available.
3474 W. 32nd Ave.; 303-458-5248

Fluid Coffee Bar: Pouring premium and locally roasted coffees is not enough for this shop -- they also offer meeting spaces, free wi-fi for members and a whole host of other business-related resources.
501 E. 19th Ave.; 720-519-4681

Gypsy House Café: So authentically Mediterranean in its décor and atmosphere, guests will feel like they've walked out of Denver and into Istanbul. Enjoy a cup of sumptuous imported Turkish coffee, take a pull from their hookahs, listen to music or get your tarot cards read.
1279 Marion St.; 303-830-1112

Hooked On Colfax: A hipster hangout in the heart of Colfax, they pour hot, simple and delicious coffee and espressos -- and offer free wi-fi and host monthly local art shows.
3213 E. Colfax Ave.; 303-398-2665

Wash Perk: Tucked into the historic Wash Park neighborhood three blocks west of gorgeous Washington Park, Wash Perk is the quintessential community coffee shop -- free wi-fi, lots of room for your laptop, a book and magazine library and amazing pastries, traditional and gluten-free.
853 E. Ohio Ave.; 720-542-9202