07/29/2011 06:19 pm ET Updated Sep 28, 2011

Giovanni Ramirez Releases Statement From Prison About New Arrests

Giovanni Ramirez, who was recently exonerated by the Los Angeles Police Department for the beating of Bryan Stow, has released his first statement since his arrest on May 23.

In a statement conveyed by his lawyer Jose Romero, Ramirez said this (via ABC 7):

More than anything I'm upset. Not for myself but for the grief and embarrassment that my friends, family and loved ones have been put through. Everyone is asking what am I going to do next. My only focus and attention is with the writ that has been filed this week. I know the judge in Superior Court will do the right thing.

Ramirez, who was arrested on suspicion of the brutal beating of Stow, is currently serving time in a San Diego prison for an unrelated parole violation. While the parole violation technically has nothing to do with the Bryan Stow case, it stems from Ramirez's arrest for the Dodger Stadium attack. When police found him in an east Hollywood apartment, they also discovered a firearm on the premises. This constituted the parole violation, and he was was sentenced to 10 months in prison for it.

Throughout, the LAPD never filed a case against him with the Los Angeles District Attorney.

He is currently appealing the parole board's decision to send him to jail for his access to a firearm, reports Echo Park Patch. Lawyer J. Christopher Smith told Patch, "The circumstances around the Dodger Stadium attack helped influence the parole proceedings... Giovanni’s rights were violated. There was no basis for the deputy commissioner’s decision.”

Current suspects Louie Sanchez, Dorene Sanchez and Marvin Norwood were arrested for the beating of Bryan Stow. Multiple charges, which include mayhem and assault with a deadly weapon, were filed against the two men by the district attorney, according to the LAPD. Dorene Sanchez is suspected of driving the getaway car on the day of the attack, notes CNN.