Peter Wisgerhof Flop: FC Twente Defender Takes Horrible Dive In Soccer Match (VIDEO)

One of the biggest complaints about soccer among non-soccer fans is that players dive and embellish injuries far too often. Peter Wisgerhof, a defender for Dutch side FC Twente, did little to help that perception in a match on Saturday evening against Ajax.

In the video seen above, Wisgerhof doesn't just take a dive after a player completely missed his leg on a tackle, he took a full step before hopping up and collapsing to the ground.

The opposing player immediately took exception to Wisgerhof's transgression, and the ref came over to speak with the Twente defender, yet amazingly did not give Wisgerhof a card for the dive.

The dive took place in the Johan Cruyff Shield, which is the Dutch season-opener that pits the winner of the league (Ajax) against the winner of the national cup (Twente). Wisgerhof's Twente side wound up winning the match against Ajax, 2-1.