08/01/2011 10:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Reinvent New York's First Official 'Hackathon' (VIDEO)

Hackers and computer wiz's gathered at General Assembly over the weekend for Reinvent, NYC's first "hackathon."

In a 36-hour coding spree, participants were encouraged to help redesign and improve, the official portal of the city, and to figure out ways in which the site could engage users more efficiently.

"One of our plans is to relaunch," said Rachel Sterne, the city's first Digital Officer. "And to kick that off in a way that is very transparent, very open, very participatory."

The benefit of a hackathon, Sterne says, is that it compresses months of work into a sleepless, caffeine-fueled 36 hours. "You see some amazing results because you're forced to produce something in a very short time."

Watch this video from the Daily News: