08/03/2011 12:02 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2011

Winter Getaways To Book Now

Let's face it: We can be a hard bunch to please. Don't think so? Just take a look at your Facebook news feed and you're likely to encounter a bevy of complaints about August's 90-degree temps, sky-high electric bills and hairdos dropping like it's ... well, hot. You know, the kind of complaints that echo the ones we heard back in February and March about how winter would never end?

So it isn't far fetched to be thinking about winter already (or the next time we'll have a day off from work). And if you've booked a trip recently, you've likely seen that deals for getaways in November and December are already cropping up. We called on the pros at for advice on whether booking early pays.

"While the offers and time-frames vary for winter travel deals, they range from 25 to 50 percent off, or could include a free night's hotel stay (like buy 3 nights, get 1 free)," says Onna Williams, an American Airlines flight attendant with 26 years' experience and a contributor to

Here are her picks on where to get away (if only mentally, for now).


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that Onna Williams was 26 years old. In fact, she has 26 years of experience as a flight attendant.