08/02/2011 09:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Skype App For iPad Goes Live, Dies, Goes Live Again

Ladies and gentlemen, the incredible disappearing Skype for iPad!

Web-calling giant Skype released its first made-for-iPad app, only to pull it hours later, apologizing via Twitter that it "went live prematurely," only to once again release it hours after that. (See the apologetic tweets here and here)

Though Skype already has apps available on the iPhone and iTouch that can be used on the iPad, it had yet to put out a native app for the Apple tablet--until now. According to the iTunes preview page, the app makes calls over both 3G and WiFi and offers big picture video calling currently unavailable on the iPad:

Bring your Skype contacts closer with full screen video at your fingertips.
Beautiful and simple, this is Skype built especially for the iPad. Call, video call, or instant message anyone on Skype. Plus, if you add a little Skype Credit, call landlines and mobiles at really low rates.

Skype had posted a promotional video outlining the benefits of Skype, but it was since pulled; a reader of the Apple blog RazorianFly, however, captured the video (no audio) and uploaded it to YouTube. Have fun guessing what the couple in the video are saying to each other:

The Skype app for iPad is currently available as a free download from the iTunes store. Get it fast, before it disappears again.

Skype was not immediately available for comment.

Earlier this year, Microsoft agreed to purchase the company for $8.5 billion.

UPDATE Rick Osterloh, Skype’s Head of Consumer Product & Design, has written a post on the Skype blog announcing that "the wait is over" for the dedicated Skype iPad app. The post confirmed everything we knew about the release and also included the above video with audio. And guess what? The people in the video have accents. How fun.