08/02/2011 04:07 pm ET Updated Oct 02, 2011

Love Dramatized In Vintage Romance Comics

What do you get when you mix overdramatic romance novels with Archie comic strips? Romance comics! Before teenage girls and young women could watch an episode of Gossip Girl or go online for all their pressing relationship questions like, "Was I too young for love?" they could pick up one of these juicy love-story-filled comic books for advice and entertainment.

Romance comics had their glory days during the Cold War in the US, from 1947 to 1977, and they tackled everything from marriage, jealousy, betrayal, and heartache. See some of your own love dilemmas — and some thankfully out-of-date ones! — sensationally illustrated on the covers of Sweethearts, My Story, Young Romantics, True Life Romance, My Secret Life, and more!

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