08/04/2011 12:04 pm ET Updated Oct 04, 2011

Denise Richards: The Worst Day Is Yet To Come

In her new book, "The Real Girl Next Door," Denise Richards tells her side of the story when it comes to her dramatic relationship with Charlie Sheen. But unfortunately for Richards and her children, a simple Internet search will provide a very different telling of the same story.

“I’m tired of lying to my children about Charlie,” Richards tells me of the truth she will one day have to disclose to her two daughters with Sheen, Sam, seven, and six-year-old Lola. “They can read but they are not picking up tabloids and Googling us. They are reading their schoolbooks. The day that changes is going to be a difficult day.”

Richards, who finalized her divorce from Sheen in 2006, after four years of marriage, has so far been able to protect her daughters from their father's highly publicized substance abuse while not completely letting her children live in ignorance of addiction. She admitted she has had kid-friendly conversations with her daughter's about the perils of drug use -- she's even read them a children's book aimed at the topic.

“They are so young, but the day is going to come when they start asking questions,” Richards tells me. “Sam is seven. It's not going to be long."

While in New York last week to promote her new book, Richards says the family did not stay at The Plaza Hotel -- the scene of Sheen’s infamous breakdown -- because of the girls' father's history with the establishment.

“The girls really wanted to stay at The Plaza but I told them it was all booked, but next trip we will stay there,” Denise explained.

Unfortunately, knowing which hotels to steer clear of is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stories about dad.