08/04/2011 04:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Face Seen In Clouds (VIDEO)

This YouTube clip could become the new face of viral cloud videos.

The cameraman filming a storm in Canada's Grand Falls in New Brunswick realizes that a cloud has formed into a familiar shape.

"A face!" he exclaims. "Holy frig!"

The Sun spotted the video, which was also featured on YouTube Trends.

At the time of this report, the clip has already amassed more than 176,000 views since being uploaded August 1st.

Humorous YouTube comments include, "*James Earl Jones' voice* SIMBAAA" and "Lord Voldemord comming!!! (sic)"

Earlier this year, New Yorkers snapped photos of rare "mammatus" clouds turning the sky orange, and a duo in Australia shared footage from a windowless, wall-less airplane while soaring through clouds.

What do you see in this cloud? Check out the video and take our poll. The face appears around the 1:30 mark.