08/04/2011 06:25 pm ET Updated Oct 04, 2011

Marshall "Big Bo" Fry, Fugitive Wheels Of Soul Bike Gang Member, Arrested In Denver

U.S. marshals arrested Marshall "Big Bo" Fry in Aurora, Colorado, without incident Tuesday night. Fry was the last fugitive of 18 members from the Wheels of Soul biker gang who were indicted in June. The Denver Post reports Fry was wanted for attempted murder in Denver and conspiracy to kill
members of a rival gang in Illinois.

Fry faces charges for firing a shotgun at a rival gang's clubhouse in Denver on August 2, 2010. According to the UPI, he also traveled to East St. Louis, Ill., early in 2011 on orders from his chapter President, and attempted to kill a man there.

The Chicago Tribune states that Wheels of Soul rose to power through the sale of crack cocaine, defense of that power via murder, and national reach. The gang was headquartered in Philadelphia but maintained a network in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Denver.

A select few Wheels of Soul members were granted "1%er" and "Diamond" status if they engaged in extreme violence. The associated press reported in early July that a member allegedly stabbed a Chicago man in the head at a club there and proceeded to shoot another in the stomach.

The Wheels of Soul slogan creed is "God Forgives, Wheels Don't."