08/04/2011 08:56 am ET Updated Oct 04, 2011

Oprah 'Happy' To Campaign For Obama In 2012

Oprah may have her hands full running her struggling OWN network--but that's not going to stop her from hitting the campaign trail with President Obama.

Oprah told Politico on Wednesday that she would be "happy" to campaign for Obama in his upcoming reelection bid.

"I supported Barack Obama in 2008 because I believed then as I do now that he is the right man for the job," she said in a statement. "I wanted to share my enthusiasm for his candidacy in hopes that others would see what I saw in him. As for 2012, if the campaign needs me, I'm happy to be of service. I'm in his corner for whatever he needs me to do."

The statement reaffirmed Oprah's steadfast support for Obama, and quashed earlier rumors that she might not stump for him as publicly as she did during his first campaign.

Then, of course, she electrified the primary race between Obama and Hillary Clinton by publicly endorsing a candidate for the first time ever, and appearing with Obama at a series of sold-out campaign events. She was also famously present at his 2008 victory speech in Chicago.

While Obama's presidency has been rife with controversy, Oprah has never wavered in her support of him. Appearing on "Morning Joe" in February, she said she had "no issues" with his administration. A few months later, Obama, along with First Lady Michelle Obama, appeared on one of the final episodes of Oprah's talk show.