08/04/2011 06:27 pm ET Updated Oct 04, 2011

Sofia Vergara's Brother Deported

Sofia Vergara is at the moment the most important Latina star in the American market. Her perseverance, talent, beauty and charisma has enabled her to conquer the public's hearts to become recognized by the Hollywood studios and its most important brands.

But that doesn't mean she is immune to the problems any ordinary family faces, which in her case means she has the same struggles as any dominant force who helps out each member of the family. This time it means leading her younger brother, Julio, out of the clutches of a years-long battle with drug addiction.

After Star magazine reported that Sofia's brother has a serious problem with the law because of his addiction and was about to be deported from the country, we attempted to contact the voluptuous Colombian beauty to find out the truth. A source inside the family, who has asked for anonymity for the sake of those involved, tells us about the struggle Sofia and her mother have fought to help Julio win the uphill battle and get ahead. Despite the fact, that battle continues without success.

Julio's problems have led to numerous arrests and incarcerations here in the states over the last 10 years. Worried that her brother can't save himself from the grip of drugs, our source tells us that Sofia has decided to find another alternative.

With the help of her mother, she's managed to send her brother back to Colombia to submit to intensive drug treatment, in this case said to be one of the most effective programs in the world, in the hopes of finding a better path to sanity for someone they adore so much.

Julio faced deportation because of his many run-ins with the law in Miami. Our source is reluctant to reveal much about Julio's deportation from the states for intense addiction treatment because of the delicate nature of the matter.

AOL Latino learned through another source that rather than fight the deportation order in court, the family preferred to focus on Julio's health and survival, sending him to Colombia for treatment.

We attempted to speak to Sofia Vergara directly, but she prefers to leave this very intimate portion of her family's story, particularly her brother's treatment, private, even though our source revealed:

"For Sofia, our family is her number one priority. She's always been here for us and will continue to be, to support us and help us move forward. This is no exception. She has said that she will do whatever it takes within her means to save her brother, and I have faith that is exactly what she is doing."