08/04/2011 03:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Amazing Footage Of The UT Tower: 3-D Images Displayed On College Landmark (VIDEO)

The tower at the University of Texas is one of the more iconic buildings in higher education--and for two nights this week it has taken on a pretty unique look.

This past Tuesday and Wednesday evening, a production company shot promotional footage for the University's brand new Longhorn Network.

"The filming will include the projection of three-dimensional images on the Tower after nightfall and continuing throughout night," an email to the university community read. "The projections will occur on the south and east sides of the Tower and will be visible from many parts of the city."

The unique lighting either had a mystical or scary, propaganda-ish feel to it depending on your perspective, but regardless, it was most definitely a sight to behold.

According to the email, the footage will be broadcast on Aug. 26 when the Longhorn Network launches.