08/08/2011 04:02 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2011

Denver Broncos Release Depth Chart, Tim Tebow Is No. 2 Quarterback (POLL)

Well, the Broncos released their depth chart and it turns out Tim Tebow is, in fact, the number two quarterback with Kyle Orton starting. Brady Quinn rounds out the chart at number three.

SBNation reports that it’s too early to consider this depth chart set in stone, but that it’s going to take a lot of work for Tebow to overcome Orton over the course of the preseason. And with a hot Quinn on his tail, Tebow may wind up fighting for that number two position.

The NFL lockout may have affected Tebow more than any other player on the team, according to The Denver Post. Until training camp started just last week, Tebow was training and conditioning on his own -- unfortunately, this didn’t make him a better player.

Tebow fans have continued to rally for their favorite quarterback and have faith that he’s a
“gamer,” a quarterback that will play better in game conditions, according to NBC Sports ProFootballTalk. But, unfortunately for Tebow’s fans, at Saturday’s Broncos scrimmage, Tebow didn’t help his case to take over as starter -- in nine plays, Tebow took three sacks and completed 1-of-3 passes, 9News reported. All of which likely contributed to Tebow’s backup quarterback placement on the depth chart.

Elvis Dumervil, who produced a record 17 sacks in the 2009 season for the Broncos, was a force for Tebow to reckon with at Saturday’s scrimmage. He chased Tebow around and out of the pocket twice forcing the officials to blow their whistles just before Dumervil made contact with Tebow. Tebow said to 9News:

Elvis made things interesting, actually. I told him if we'd been going to the ground it might have been a little different. We were having fun with it. But he was making things difficult, that's for sure. He's a great player.

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