08/08/2011 08:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ottavio Missoni Celebrates 90th Birthday With New Campaign (PHOTOS)

Missoni's latest campaign, dubbed "A Wonderful Life," doubles as a tribute to the label's founder Ottavio (a.k.a. Tai) Missoni who celebrated his 90th birthday this year. The nonagenarian smiles for Juergen Teller's lens, clad in Missoni knitwear.

From the press release:

Shot against the natural and almost metaphysical background of the Alberoni Reserve at the Venice Lido, the campaign features the legendary "Tai," an Olympic athlete but also the founder and icon of one of Italy's most beloved and oldest brands, and models Kaitlin Aas, Valeria Kelava, Kinga and Kristina Salinovic.

Tai continues to bring inspiration through his unmistakably sophisticated and informal elegance and adds a unique quality and intensity to this campaign. He has helped transform the images into a blend of myth and reality, of authenticity and artifice, and of form and content.

Ottavio isn't the only Missoni to strike a pose for this season's ads. 28-year-old Margherita Missoni recently wrapped herself in zigzags for Missoni's upcoming collaboration with Target. And the grandpa-granddaughter duo has also smiled for Teller's other family-themed spots.

Take a look at Missoni's fall/winter 2011 campaign.