08/15/2011 10:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

U.S. Royalty : The 6 Things We Can't Live Without

U.S. Royalty has earned plenty of acclaim for their music, but the dapper D.C.-bred quartet has also been receiving buzz from the fashion press -- thanks to a show at Steven Alan last fall, an appearance in a Gant Rugger campaign, and a "best-dressed band at CMJ " nod from Esquire. Here, members John Thornley, Jacob Michael, Luke Adams and Paul Thornley share their style essentials.

1. Snakeskin Boots: "I think all of us wear some sort of style of boots all the time but the snakeskin for me is the most essential. I feel drawn to them. I sleep in them." -- JT

2. Crystal Bullet Necklace: "I prefer jewelry that has a personal connection or multiple uses, like bolo ties or something a friend makes for you. My girlfriend made this for me so it has a special connection attached to it. She sawed off a bullet, polished it up and put a crystal in it." -- JT

3.Vintage Revolution jeans. "It's rare that you come across a pair of jeans that feel like they were cut to fit to your body, and when you do you never take them off. Plus you can't beat the exaggerated bootcut flare." -- JM

4.Talen necklace by Romulus Von Stezelberger at South Paradiso Leather. "A friend took us up to the near top of Topenga Canyonga where we were introduced to Romulus and his leather making shop. Not to mention a talking parrot and a handful of wild stories." -- JM

5. Hanes white V-Neck T-shirt: "These always do the trick when playing live because it gets hot on my throne. Cuff your sleeves, up your steeze." -- LA

6. An alligator suitcase filled with dry shampoo. "You'll feel like an updated version of a snake oil salesman." -- PT