Weatherman Wes Hohenstein Swallows Moth During Live Report (VIDEO)

Meteorologists are all too-often accustomed to the battle between man and mother nature, but not in the way
NBC-17 meteorologist Wes Hohenstein experienced on Friday night.

Hohenstein was just doing the weather report when a moth flew into his mouth.

He momentarily disappeared off-screen, where he coughed and uttered, "I swear, a moth just flew into my throat." He had already swallowed it by the time he smoothly re-appeared on-screen a few seconds later. He explained, "I was going to swat it away, but I thought that would not be appropriate for TV, but I guess it’s more appropriate to swallow it."

He quickly regained his composure and resumed his weather report. When someone handed him water, he responded, "It’s already down my belly."