08/09/2011 02:31 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2011

Tottenham Riots: Crowdsourcing The London Riot Cleanup

As David Cameron rushed home from his Tuscan holiday, Londoners bound together on Twitter and Facebook to start the clean up.

The first person to organize the endeavor was artist Dan Thompson.

After watching the city set ablaze on the news from his Sussex home in England, he decided to create #londonriotcleanup and @londonriotcleanup on Twitter, which inspired hundreds of Londoners to sweep glass, fill trash bags and clean up their city.

By morning it was the top trend on twitter and a Facebook group attracted 13,000 members.

Among the numerous violent images of rioters in action, one positive photo did surface from the twittersphere, which captured the spirit of the clean up effort and probably inspired #prayforlondon.

Over 600,000 members joined the Facebook group Supporting the Met Police against the London rioters.

The general public expressed outrage and a need for action on Facebook, by forming an e-petition calling for those convicted rioters to lose all of their benefits.

With 450 people arrested, 44 police officers injured and one person dead, the Metropolitan Police also began investigating the attackers with the help of Flickr. After police uploaded CCTV images on to Flickr Tuesday, members of the public were invited to tweet @metpoliceuk to help identify the alleged suspected rioters and looters in Operation Withern.

So far, the police arrested three people for inciting violence on Facebook.