08/09/2011 06:37 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2011

London Riots 2011: Sneering Reactions From Around The Globe

As London went into its fourth day of protests, the unrest in the English capital provided a rare opportunity to those previously criticized by the British to strike back.

Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe warned the English "to put out their own fires" before interfering in his country, the Associated Press reported. "London is burning," the president was quoted during a military parade on Tuesday. "We don't have any fires here. Please leave us alone." Mugabe's comments came right after the BBC's Panorama aired a documentary that claimed security forces were running a "torture camp in Zimbabwe's Marange diamond fields.

The Iranian news agency IRNA quoted Ramin Mehmanparast, spokesman for the foreign ministry, advising Britain to stop violent confrontations with the people protesting. The British government should "start negotiations with the protesters and listen to their demands," the spokesman said.

Reuters also found an Egyption official ironically suggesting Egypt should send NGO's to London to monitor the situation. This is after Western NGO's were present during the protests on Egypt's Tahrir Square.