08/09/2011 12:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bird Lands On Matt Lauer's Head On 'Today' (VIDEO)

"Today" co-host Matt Lauer got an unexpected surprise on his head on Tuesday morning.

Lauer and co-host Ann Curry were doing a segment about exotic animals when a scarlet ibis bird flew around the studio and landed squarely on Lauer's head.

The studio broke into laughter as the bird flew towards Lauer, who exclaimed, "Oh no!" But the co-host took the surprise in stride, allowing the bird to stay on his head. He protested only when someone reached out to feed it. He said, "That thing has sharp claws!"

The animalkeeper's response? She said, "That's a common perch." Lauer later added, "He mistook me for a turtle."

The cameras helpfully zoomed in close to Lauer's head to show just how much the bird was sinking its claws into him.


Curry joked, "Do we have enough Purell in the house for this?" referring to Lauer's fastidious (or obsessive, take your pick) use of the hand sanitizer.