08/09/2011 01:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'New York, Phew York: A Scratch-N-Sniff Adventure' Book Looking For Funds On Kickstarter (VIDEO)

Longtime New York City concierge Amber C. Jones has started a Kickstarter in support of a children's book project, "New York, Phew York: A Scratch-N-Sniff Adventure".

In a "fun tale of a family's trip to the city/ A scratch and sniff guide of the good and the gritty" the book aims to capture all the scent-sational smells of Gotham, including "Garbage, Pizza, Hot dogs, Sewer steam, Fish, Churros, Peanuts, Horse Manure, Shish-kabobs, Smoke, Bagels, Grass, Piragua Ice Cone, Pickles, Pastrami, and More!"

And although the book, which includes colorful illustrations from Tim Probert, is being sniffed out by publishers everywhere, few are willing to fund an expensive scratch-n-sniff project. Scents, it turns out, have to be custom made. And that's where Kickstarter comes in.

With 7 days left, New York, Phew York has raised $15,283 of its $20,000 goal. If they don't reach 20,000 by the end of those 7 days, the project won't get its funding.

So if you remember how much fun scratch-n-sniff stickers were as a kid, or if you think the NYC's scents need to be shared with the world (except for maybe that one block in the Lower East Side) go here to donate.

What smells do you think should be included in the book? Write below.

[VIA Laughing Squid]