08/09/2011 03:42 am ET Updated Oct 08, 2011

'Where Do We Go Now?': Filmmaker Nadine Labaki Takes On Religion In Lebanon

Actress and director Nadine Labaki has made a career out of her inquiries into Lebanese sociology, culminating in her latest film, Where Do We Go Now? The film, in which Labaki also acts, was screened at Cannes andsummarized by Reuters as: "Christians and Muslims have lived side by side all their lives in the barren, sun-scorched village, but the forced confinement of a community encircled by landmines makes friction unavoidable."

Where Do We Go Now? will be released globally later in the year, and the video below features Labaki discussing her films and the provocative themes they tackle.

Caramel, Labaki's first directorial effort, dealt with other delicate issues in Lebanon, such as premarital sex and homosexuality. In her BBC interview, she discusses the personal stresses of Lebanese culture: "We grow up with the word [shame], so I think this in a sense limits us, and we do have to deal with this word all our lives because we're scared of how people perceive us."