08/10/2011 04:35 pm ET Updated Oct 10, 2011

Suicide Jumper Thwarted At 30 Rockefeller Center (UPDATE)

Reports are coming in that a man is threatening to jump off 30 Rockefeller center.

Gothamist reports that emergency crews are on the scene trying to get the man down.

Twitter user athanasiaaa says "someone's trying to jump off the rockefeller center observation deck, and tourists are taking pictures like it's the highlight of their trip."

The drummer of the Roots Questlove tweeted, "hey dude on my building room. DONT JUMP!"

Another user, Andres Gutierrez, says that the NYPD has shut down Rockefeller plaza (photo of eerily empty Rockefeller Plaza here). For more photos of the man who climbed over the partition, go here.

UPDATE: Today Show employee Melea McCreary reports that the man is down and safe. "#RockefellerPlaza jumper back over the glass partition. #Jumper is safe." Other employees say that the man surrendered to the NYPD, and that he "Looks like a late 20s young prof." Gothamist reports that the FDNY confirms the man is off the ledge.