08/10/2011 01:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rich Hil, Son Of Tommy Hilfiger, Gets A Hip Hop Record Deal (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Tommy Hilfiger has five children: bronzed socialite Ally, little 2-year-old Sebastian and cute but under-the-radar middle sisters Elizabeth and Kathleen.

And then there is Richard, the heavily-tattooed rapper who now goes by the hip-hop moniker "Rich Hil."

The Observer recently spent some time with the Hilfiger black sheep, who signed a record deal with Warner Brothers Records last month just a year after being arrested for selling drugs.

He's still on probation, says the Observer, but that hasn't stopped him from rising in the hip hop world -- sort of. "I was like, 'Yo, I want to be the best rapper that was born in Connecticut ever.' I'm that! No less than that, you can't even front," Rich Hil told the newspaper.

We suppose that's some sort of accomplishment, especially considering the highly un-Connecticut subject matter of his lyrics. As for Rich's other interests and accomplishments, the Observer lets the quotes from this 21-year-old boy speak for themselves. Such as this one:

"Yeah, I learned that alcohol and coke? Is kind of for f****ts. You know, like, in my eyes. I'll drink alcohol to get a lean, don't get me wrong, but, like, something about the people who are addicted to alcohol and cocaine, they seemed like f**s to me... Not 'f**s' as in 'gay.' I have nothing against gay people. Mad people in my family are gay."

Hil is, after all, a family man, as his hip-hop career is totally Tommy-approved. Rich has the words "I love you, Dad," tattooed on his neck and Hil told, "[My dad] kinda tells me sometimes like he's jealous, he's like 'Man, if I knew how to make music, I would have made [records] instead of clothes.' He tells me that all the time, kinda like he lives vicariously me through me, you know?"

Alas, we cannot all be as talented as Rich Hil, whose skillz are on full display in a new music video entitled "Love My Love," below.

Click below to see the transformation of Richard Hilfiger, the designer's chubby son from Greenwich, Connecticut, into Rich Hil, lover of tattoos, hip-hop and tossing fruit from balcony windows onto passersby.

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