08/11/2011 04:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Danielle Staub Finally Talks Nude Strip Club Photo Scandal

After signing a three-year contract with a strip club, Scores, to make live appearances at the clothes optional establishment, Danielle Staub promptly reneged on the contract after topless photos of her extracurricular activity caught the light of day. But the usually verbose former housewife has said almost nothing after stepping away from the stripper pole, until now.

“That’s in litigation right now," she says. "I wasn’t handled properly, I'm going to put it that way. But I wasn’t there to do what ended up being and if you look at my eyes all I can say is you can see something is wrong. Something went very wrong.”

Staub is referring to the totally nude photographs of herself that turned up online following one of her live appearances at the club. Days after the incident, she issued a statement saying she was seeking treatment from Dr. Drew Pinsky for psychological problems.

“Why as a celebrity does she need to walk back into that kind of stuff?” a friend of Staub, who considers her a big star, asks. “She already had a show lined up. She left one show and was going to another. She didn’t need to do that.”

Although Staub isn't letting any cats out of the bag now, we have a feeling that once she's done "litigating" we'll get the full story and then some.