08/11/2011 02:32 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2011

David Pollock Running For Congress: 'Bad News Bears' Star A California Candidate

Rudi Stein's Little League career took him to Japan. Now, the man who played the hapless pitcher in "Bad News Bears" is looking to head to Washington, DC.

David Pollock, who starred all three original "Bad News Bears" film -- and famously leaned in to get hit by a pitch -- has spent a post-film career working for Rocketdyne, dealing with NASA and the military, and in city politics in his home of Moorpark, California. He's now running for Congress as a Democrat in the new 26th Congressional district in California.

According to his campaign website, he has been an elected official in the city for 17 years, on both the City Council and Board of Education. He was elected to the California School Board Association, of which he later became president.

"There's too much rigid ideology in Washington, D.C.," he recently told the Ventura County Star. "There is a lack of compromise, and compromise is the very basis of our democracy."

While public service became his calling, Pollock joked about the path "Bad News Bears" character Rudi Stein would have grown up to pursue.

"Well, clearly Rudi wasn't destined to be a professional baseball player," he told Cultfilmfreak.com. "He probably became an attorney specializing in children's sports injuries."