08/11/2011 11:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fox News 'Red Eye' Panel: Kids In Progressive Video Are 'Dorks' And 'Bastards' (VIDEO)

A Fox News panel mocked a group of children who appeared in a progressive video, calling them "dorks" and "bastards." and Van Jones put out a video out in late July called the "Contract for the American Dream," which is tied to a new campaign that they and a slew of progressive groups are mounting.

The video is, admittedly, a little cheesy. It features loveable children talking about some of the items included in the Contract, such as taxes on the wealthy and single-payer health care.

On Fox News' late night show "Red Eye," host Greg Gutfeld and his panel had some unkind words for the video. Gutfeld said that the children were "adorable," but wondered if they were being exploited. "Is it OK to use kids to sell a political agenda?" he asked panelist KT McFarland. "Or does it come off as crass to you?"

"These kids are a bunch of dorks!" McFarland replied. She said she thinks liberals have gone from being the "cool guys" to, as she repeated, "a bunch of dorks."

Gutfeld asked comedian Joe DeVito how he felt about it.

"Those little bastards are making me so angry!" DeVito joked. He said the kids were "dreaming" if they thought the solutions in the video would work.