09/17/2011 03:59 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Minute Makeover: Streamlining Space In The Kitchen (VIDEO)

This small kitchen goes from cramped to revamped with clever storage solutions and an island that does double duty as an eating surface and a storage space.

With an abundance of kitchen supplies and limited cabinets to store everything, the supposedly eat-in kitchen in the Haskins' home became a something more akin to a storage cave. Given thus, dinner and meals meant setting up folding tables in front of the TV.

By maximizing wall space for hanging knives and pans and using occasional storage cabinets, kitchenware and dishware are now neatly streamlined. Additionally, a large island multi-tasks as a prepping serving, a dining table, and a compact storage unit. The island not only creates a focal point and gathering spot in the kitchen, it also helps clean up the visual landscape in the space. And we all know that visual clutter is not an inspiring sight and it's often what keeps us from wanting to keep a space clean and neat. And remember, when it comes to space-challenged rooms like the Haskins' kitchen, the solution is usually just a matter of picking out a few versatile storage pieces.

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