08/11/2011 11:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

MLB Fan Cave Tour With Braves Stars Freddie Freeman And Craig Kimbrel (VIDEO)

Imagine a world so perfect, so beautiful, where you not only could watch every single baseball game, but you HAD to watch every game. Thanks to Major League Baseball's "Dream Job" contest, two lucky fans are doing just that this season at the MLB Fan Cave in New York City.

As the year has progressed, stars from the big leagues have dropped by to hang out with the fans and see if the buzz is for real. More recently, The Huffington Post caught up with Atlanta Braves standout Rookie of the Year candidates Freddie Freeman and Craig Kimbrel for an exclusive tour of the joint led by yours truly, Jordan Schultz. The endless activities, mounted plasma televisions, and baseball memorabilia at the Fan Cave meant they were not disappointed.

Video produced by HuffPost's Hunter Stuart

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