08/12/2011 12:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Louis C.K. Fox News Parody: Louie Loves Masturbation (VIDEO)

It's always refreshing to see comics have fun with Fox News. And for once, Fox was in on the joke.

Last week on "Louie," Louis C.K. achieved the impossible and made us almost feel a little bad for Dane Cook. On this week's episode, he showed up on Fox News' chat show "Red Eye" to discuss masturbation, defending a stance once quipped by Woody Allen, that it's "sex with someone I love." It was a true pleasure to listen to Louie discuss his true pleasure.

Greg Gutfeld of "Red Eye" played himself, and "Louie" appears to use the actual Fox studios for the segment. (Both Fox News and FX, the network "Louie" appears on, are owned by News Corp.) The episode used the "Red Eye" bit as a jumping off point to extensively explore sexual mores, but here's just a clip of Louie appearing on Fox News.