08/13/2011 01:27 pm ET Updated 6 days ago

Rachel Maddow Makes A Mojito For Her Nun Aunt (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow had one of her patented "Cocktail Moments" on her Friday show, as she demonstrated what she said was the proper way to make a mojito.

Maddow tried to come up with a good reason for the tutorial. She settled on the fact that her aunt, a nun from Canada, was visiting her parents. "I want to teach my mom and dad how to make Aunt Joan a real mojito while she is visiting California," Maddow said. "Because you know what? It's cold in Canada, and it's nice here, and nuns deserve good drinks."

Hear, hear!

Maddow is a famously stern mixologist--nobody who sat through her scorching lecture about the proper use of garnishes is likely to forget it--and she made it clear that she thinks there is a right way and a wrong way to make a mojito. For instance, sugar is very important. "Mojitos are not a health food, OK?"

Other things that are important: fresh lime! Crushed ice (she even crushed it by hand)! Good white rum ("if all you can find is bad white rum that tastes like hairspray, don't use that")! Oh, and garnish. Lots of it! "Nuns," Maddow said, "love garnish."

Of course, all of Maddow's cocktail lessons feature her complaints about what she clearly sees as the dire state of modern-day drink culture.

"I know you're thinking, but wait, what about the thing with the soda gun that the bartender does and when he puts in the bright green mix and the whole thing turns fluorescent and then I get the crazy straw?" she said at one point. "That's not actually what you need to do there."


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