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The AIDAbella: A Huffington Post Travel Cruise Ship Guide

The AIDAbella is a popular floating resort. The waters are crowded with sea-worthy vessels, so to make planning easier, we've done all the prep work for a cruise vacation. As part of a Huffington Post Travel series on cruise ships, here is a tip sheet offering all the key information one could ever need to know about the AIDAbella.


The AIDAbella sails the western Mediterranean, visiting ports in countries like Spain and France. The ship also sails through the Canary Islands and stops at ports in Casablanca, Morocco; Lisbon, Portugal and Gran Canaria, Spain.

Grand Ship

The AIDAbella is a large luxury cruise ship made in the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, in 2008. It has 14 passenger decks with comfortable living areas. This German cruise ship attracts mainly German-speaking families.

Special Features

The AIDAbella has a circular, glass-walled "Theatrirum" in the center of the ship that is used as a nightclub with a 4-D cinema. The nude sunbathing area is to the rear of the ship. There also are fully-equipped fitness facilities, and a casino for guests to try their luck.


Cabins on the AIDAbella offer guests sufficient space and are cleaned twice a day. There are 1,025 passenger cabins, many with balconies and picture windows.


Prices for a cruise on the AIDAbella range from $849 to $3,140 for an 11-day cruise to the Canary Islands. Meals and tips are included in the fee, as well as baggage transportation, entertainment, table drinks and port charges.


According to a positive review on, visits by the AIDAbella to its ports of call last longer than port calls by most other cruise ships. The cruise line offers an extensive information packet and guidebooks for each port. These include maps and historical info on the area.

Dining Experience

Buffet dining aboard the AIDAbella offers a diverse menu, including selections from several different countries. The restaurants offer open seating, and the Rossini restaurant has full waiter service with a gourmet menu and good wines. The AIDAbella also has a coffee bar for guests to enjoy coffee with new friends and relax.

Maiden Voyage

The AIDAbella was named on April 23, 2008, by German fashion model Eva Padberg before its first voyage. The vessel was built for AIDA, the largest German cruise line.

In The News

Our research revealed no notable news stories or safety concerns regarding the AIDAbella.


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