08/15/2011 11:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Zealand Skier Chased By Angry Bulls

A skier's run down New Zealand's Coronet Peak on Saturday took a turn for the interesting when she wandered off the trail and found herself being chased by a herd of Hereford bulls.

The 55-year-old skier, unnamed in the Otago Daily Times story on the incident, had to hike 6.2 miles over difficult terrain after taking the wrong turn. She finally managed to call the police from a farmhouse after five hours of hiking.

She apparently provoked the Herefords at some point in her snowbound odyssey and was forced to flee on ski-booted foot. Local officials said they had been searching for the woman and were pleased she was exhausted rather than injured.

Snow storms are attracting skiers to New Zealand's mountains, but also wreaking havoc. The island nation has just been slapped by the most severe snow storms in decades. White out conditions have closed airports and schools. As the video below shows, it has also led to all sorts of horseplay in the streets.

Horseplay, of course, is one thing. Bulls are another.