08/15/2011 01:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pippa Middleton, TV Star? Simon Cowell Would Sign Her Right Away

Sure, her sister is on her way to one day being Queen of England, had her wedding ceremony broadcast to billions the world over and has inspired multiple TV movies.

But does she have a Facebook page dedicated to her bottom?

Nope, that's the territory of her younger sister, Pippa, who has, in many ways, trumped her royal sibling in popularity and world intrigue. Already the subject of a TLC special, Pippa has made such a splash, in fact, that the king of entertainment for the masses has taken notice -- and is eager to get his hands on her potential.

"I haven't heard her sing, but if she walked in and said, 'I want to be a TV star,' I would sign her on the spot," "American Idol" alum and "X-Factor" lead man Simon Cowell recently told Life & Style Magazine. "She has the X factor. To overshadow your sister when she's the one getting married? That was impressive."

He may be on to something: with her love life, wardrobe and rumored medical procedures the intense focus of UK paparazzi on a daily basis, the 26-year old has become the common people darling.

Would it be enough to translate to true TV stardom? Would she maintain the intrigue level once her life was pulled into full focus? Perhaps not. But then again, the Kardashians have done a pretty good job for themselves, and they certainly don't have any luncheons at Kensington Palace to capture in their various weekly series.

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