08/15/2011 05:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Raton, Spanish Bull, Kills Another Person (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A bull that previously killed two people took yet another life this weekend, the Associated Press reports.

A 29-year old man in eastern Spain died at a hospital in Xativa on Saturday night after suffering injuries at the local bullring.

According to a HuffPost translation, the Spanish newspaper Las Provincias reports that the victim, identified only as Victor M., died of cardiac arrest after the bull tossed him in the air and hit him in the chest. The man was reportedly intoxicated.

According to the Associated Press, the bull, whose name "Ratón" translates to "mouse," has been responsible for two other deaths over a ten year period. He is a popular attraction at festivals, earning his owners up to $14,000 for each appearance.

From the Associated Press:

"He's the one that gets the highest prices," owner Gregorio de Jesus said of Raton last year. "But still he works out the cheapest because wherever he goes organizers double the ticket price – from euro6 ($8.50) to euro12 ($17)."


In Spain, many summer festivals highlight bull runs in streets or bullrings, where revelers can come close to the fearsome beasts.

According to Las Provincias, he is the second person in the area to be killed by a bull this summer.

Last week, a 25-year-old in Colombia was killed during a bullfight.

In response to last year's bullfighting ban in the Catalonia region, the Spanish government in July ruled bullfighting would be regulated by the Ministry of Culture rather than the Ministry of the Interior. That way, bullfighting is better protected from opponents.

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO BELOW (Begins at about 1:35):

Image at top via YouTube.