08/16/2011 11:05 am ET Updated Oct 16, 2011

Kate Gosselin Reaches Out To Twitter For Support

Reacting to the surprise news of TLC terminating her show, "Kate Plus 8," reality network star Kate Gosselin turned to Twitter for support. Intermittently re-tweeting followers' kind words about her and answering curious questions, Gosselin put forward an attitude that was by turns resilient and defiant.

And she's also having a field day, judging from her literally hundreds of tweets since the announcement just several days ago. For instance, Gosselin retweeted user @parrackd, who suggested that the cable network was responsible for the show's low ratings: "Ratings dwindled b/c TLC put u in a 10 oclock time slot and didn't air ur shows consistently. Will still follow Kate & her 8!"

And just before going to bed last night, the mother of eight signed off on Twitter with "Good night all! It's not over yet... Onward and upward but for 2night its all abt getting flat, right Leigh? ....I send my love 2 u all!"

Finally, on Tuesday morning to another fan -- appropriately named @BigFanofKateG -- Gosselin showed no signs of feeling self-pity, tweeting: "please remember I've been thru MANY very difficult times... This is yet another and we've always gotten thru... Experience!"