08/16/2011 02:40 pm ET Updated Oct 16, 2011

'The Early Show': Viola Davis: Mom Was A Maid

The pretty Viola Davis was on plugging her new movie, "The Help". Viola half-jokingly remarked, " I want to rename this movie 'The Pressure Cooker'". Viola explained there were many critical "eyes" on this movie, from the book audience to the African American audience. The African American audience could understandably be upset about one of its top actresses having to play a "Maid" in 2011. Have we not progressed as a people? Are there not other inspiring stories about our community? These are the criticisms Viola was afraid of hearing. Reel film turned to reality when Viola revealed that her own mother was a maid, moreover, her mother worked on a plantation as well. Her mother was the inspiration for some of the character.

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