08/17/2011 09:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Glenn Beck Mocks Chris Matthews, Eugene Robinson (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck tore into Chris Matthews on his Tuesday radio show, excoriating him for mocking the way Texas Gov. Rick Perry dresses.

Last week, Matthews called Perry a "clown" full of "Texas B.S." and said he dresses "very fancy."

"Can you tell me how this is intellectually stimulating at all?" Beck said on Tuesday. "...Have we really gotten down to this in American politics where Chris Matthews, who is supposedly a genius and a very respected, in some circles -- and that circle is getting smaller and smaller, respected pundit, he's down now to the way he dresses?"

Then, Beck returned to one of his favorite pastimes: mocking the way Matthews speaks. He played a rather garbled clip of Matthews and speculated, once again, that his rival must be drunk on air.

"I am saying this as a long-term alcoholic," Beck said. "To be able to pull off a sentence like that is extraordinarily difficult when you're just knocking back the sauce...if he's not [drunk], he should really have that checked."

He also mocked Eugene Robinson, who was speaking to Matthews in the clip. "Is this the guy who does the voice disguising on television?" he said, launching into an impersonation of Robinson.

"Please don't show my face," Beck said, his voice dropping into a sort of horror-movie croak. "I just don't want it to be known that I was on Chris Matthews' show."

Watch (via Mediaite):