08/17/2011 03:37 pm ET Updated Oct 17, 2011

Longmont Car Arson Case Linked To Squirrel Nest Built In Engine Block

After more than two months of extensive investigation and a list of 500 key suspects, authorities believe they have found the culprit in a Longmont car arson case -- and it has a cute, furry face and fluffy tail. According to the Longmont Times Call, a neighborhood tree squirrel appears to be an arsonist and the most likely suspect.

Fox31 reports that the owner was concerned it was arson because he’s currently writing a book about bank fraud that will name about 500 people who are likely less than thrilled to be a part of the victim’s book and could have been driven to do something desperate.

But the reality was far less dramatic, investigators concluded that a squirrel probably built a paper nest inside of the car engine block and the paper ignited when the engine got hot, according to 7News.

Surveillance video showed that no person disturbed the car while it was in the parking lot of the Longmont Recreation Center before it later burst into flames while the victim was driving, Fox31 reports.