08/18/2011 12:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jerry Springer Rages On Fox News, Says Rich Should Pay More Taxes (VIDEO)

Jerry Springer gave Sean Hannity and guest Bill Cunningham a verbal lashing for their criticism of President Obama's tax policies on Hannity's program on Wednesday.

Springer ripped into Hannity after the Fox News host described President Obama's trip to Martha's Vineyard as a high-class vacation. Hannity had asked, "What kind of message does this send to the Americans that are out there struggling?"

When he turned to Springer and Cunningham for commentary, Springer blasted the sincerity of Hannity and Cunningham's concern for the unemployed, saying, "You wouldn't have fought so hard to stop giving us a stimulus that was necessary when people were unemployed."

Springer—a registered Democrat who was also the former mayor of Cincinnati and has often mulled running for public office again—insisted that wealthy Americans should pay more taxes to improve the quality of life in America. He charged that they didn't want people like themselves and "people that are lucky enough to make an awful lot of money to pay a little bit more in taxes so that everyone in America could have health insurance, so that we have a stimulus program that works.”

When Hannity suggested that Springer write a check to the White House, Springer challenged both to join him. Hannity refused, calmly responding, "Because I'm overtaxed now."

The discussion escalated into a shouting match when Cunningham accused President Obama of making the economy worse. When Cunningham said that federal spending comes out of private citizens' pockets, Springer slammed his fist on the table and shouted "It should! Don't you love this country?" The question incensed Cunningham, who retorted, "I think I love it more than you do!"

Springer even tried to draw Hannity's crew into the debate, "You're overtaxed? Why don't you talk to the people running these cameras?"